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GREETINGS from Ft. Myers, Florida where I've joined
up with my old bandmate from
THE...VERS, drummer Jim Stein,
to be the guitarist and help launch a
rock opera, written by
singer, songwriter, and keyboardist extraordinaire
Tom Lapp, called

"Governments, religious fanatics, secret societies, huge corporations;
They all add up to the same thing; power and control over all people
by keeping them confused and in fear. It's time to take our world back!"

"Choir of Fire" video - on YouTube

"Rock 'n' Roll Evangelist" video - on YouTube

"New Rebellion" video - on YouTube

"Blaque Candle" video - on YouTube

"Passion for Power" is the name of this new band, and besides myself on guitar,
it features
Jim Stein on drums and Jim Keifer on bass as the rhythm section.
"Death of the Illuminati" author
Tom Lapp is the lead singer and #1 keyboardist.
Hank Hinojosa is the 2nd keyboardist, and additional vocals are provided by
Linda Murray and Jil Koltz.

"Choir of Fire" w/choreography demo video

"Rock 'n' Roll Evangelist" w/choreography demo video

We are currently considering various options concerning production,
and are very anxious to get this show touring! In the meantime, the band has
gotten a hell of a lot more tight, showy, and exciting than these videos would indicate.
We are eagerly looking forward to shoot new video of the production that will be a
more accurate representation of the show, done entirely live in an appropriate venue.

stay tuned!

I also need to mention that I have been playing duo with my most excellent
talented partner, Tiffer "the Riffer" Folk, which we call "Tiff 'n' Zoid."

Besides being one of the sweetest people who ever lived,
is an extraordinarily gifted singer/songwriter and musician,
who has written and
recorded 6 CD albums of her own songs.
I have been
very privileged to have been performing with her!
Unfortunately, she has to move back to New Jersey for the summer,
so catch us together at
Anthony's, or the Clubhouse
while you still can!

- visit us at ReverbNation -

I am also resuming playing solo,
and hope to be performing soon in fun venues
all around the
Ft. Myers/Beach/Cape Coral area!
Special thanks to my old buddy and THE...VERS bandmate
Charlie Kuchler of The Yard Dogs for his invaluable assistance!

- Please check the schedule for upcoming dates -

Not long ago, I did the lead guitar work for the soundtrack
of an independent film by
Bruce Boldon, entitled "Tours of Doody."


visit: website

"THE...VERS Live at the Great Illinois Purchase 12.28.79"
is now available as a download on Facebook!

And while you're hanging around, visit

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