Finally, a Mastercard television commercial for men:

             Cover charge: $15.00

             Round of drinks: $23.00

             Table dance: $30.00

             Another round of drinks: $23.00

             Couch dance and tips: $50.00

             A round of shots: $34.00

             Private dance in your hotel room: $300.00.

             Send her on her way and never have to hear her complain:

             .................. priceless.

There are some things that money can't buy . . . for everything else, there's Mastercard.


        Tickets to the Vikings Championship game:    $350

        Earplugs:    $3.99

        Case of beer and a tank of gas on the way to the game:    $32.00

        Vikings jersey:    $80.00

        Two beers and two hot dogs:    $23.00

        Two more beers and two more hot dogs:    $23.00

        Two more beers since you spilled yours after Randy Moss'  touchdown:   $23.00

Dry cleaning bill after spilling beer and hot dogs on your Viking's jersey after Cunningham's diving touchdown:    $30.00

Watching the Vikings on Sunday afternoon, the highest scoring team in NFL history, with rookie of the year Randy Moss, and having Gary Anderson, with a perfect season and most consecutive kicks, miss a 38 yard field goal to take the Vikings out of the SuperBowl: