There was a professor who was doing experiments with a frog. He was teaching a frog to jump. The training went on for a while and finally when he said, "Jump!" the frog would jump high in the air. He thought it was time to take some measurements and publish the results.

He started his measurements with a twine, a ruler and a knife. He placed the frog on a wooden cutting plate and said, "jump." It jumped and he measured the height it jumped. He wrote in his observation note book: "Height jumped (with 4 legs): 14 inches. Inference: None."

Then he cut one of the legs of the frog and said jump. It jumped to a height of 10 inches. Inference: None.

Then he cut the next leg, and measured the height jumped. Because it had only 2 legs the height jumped was only 5 inches.

Then he cut one more leg and the frog now had only one leg. The height jumped was just 1 inch with one leg. Again the inference was none.

Then he cut the last leg of the frog and said, "jump!" It didn't move at all. He wrote his inference in the note book: "When all four legs are removed, frogs go deaf."


A woman walked into a pet store one day to get some supplies. She went up to the cash registerto pay for them and she saw a sign next to a small fish tank that said, "Pussy eating frogs-$2.00" So not to be embarrassed she whispered to the cashier, "I'll take one of those."

The cashier said, "Ok, now here are some instructions. Take them home and do every thing they say, in order."

The woman went home and did every thing the instructions said. She first took a bath, then she put on some perfume, then she put on a sexy nightgown, then she laid on the bed with the frog between her legs. She waited and waited and nothing happened. She thought maybe she did something wrong, so she did everything over again and still nothing.

She called the pet store and told the manager, "Look, I've done everything the instructions saidand this frog won't do anything."

The manager said, "I'll be right there."

The manager arrived and the woman showed him again every thing she had done. The man picked up the frog and said, "I'm only going to show you how to do this one more time!"